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Responsible Building

since 1995

Honesty  •  Dedication   •  Quality   •  Hard Work

I came to Bainbridge in 1993, after a successful early career in the Los Angeles garment industry.

In 1995 I started my business, John Green Land Development and Construction LLC…….initially, developing parcels of land on Bainbridge into building lots, bringing in utilities, storm-water controls and access, then selling to both local builders, and individuals interested in custom construction.

In 2000 I bought the 65 acres off Fortward Hill Rd, now known as The Summit at Blakely Harbor. It took me four years to permit and build out the infrastructure. The Summit is a “Clustered lot” development. That is low impact, with the lots/homes located in cul-de-sacs, resulting in less of a foot print, within the open space. There are 50 acres in dedicated open space, with an internal trail system, for the owners to enjoy. I planted 325 native trees and shrubs, to address the vegetation clearing, for the roads and ponds.

Custom Construction: If you have an interest in talking to me about custom construction….I would advise you to have a budget in mind…..better still, an offer of a bank loan or out of pocket funds, but a budget is paramount. Custom construction is more expensive than buying a spec. home from a National or local builder. These I call “formula” homes, driven by low cost, based on high production numbers. The quality, design and finishes are not comparable, to those of a custom home.

I feel that a home should be welcoming in design, form and function.

In addition to the budget, try and have a plan/design available. There are a number of excellent web sites, selling a range of plans at very competitive prices. I can certainly help you in that area, depending on the lot/parcel you may already have, or a future lot/area, you may be looking at.

I will add that for all feasibility reviews, potential lots, potential home plans, discussions with architects and City Staff…..I charge a small fee by the hour. Over the years I have spent hours, if not days working with potential customers, only to find that their wish list is out of their budget range…..a lot of my time wasted, in an education of potential opportunities.


I also build spec. homes and shall continue to do so…..locations and plans are available, when and if I have one underway.




 I can assist with a selection of plans I already own, or refer you to a Web site of an architectural design firm. Keep in mind that your chosen lot or parcel may come with possible special needs in home design. Very rarely is it a “One size fits all” situation.


Wherever possible, according to your specific budget, I shall use ecofriendly product in the building materials, and pay special attention to the clearing of the lot for foundation and access. I prefer to keep the mature trees in place, as part of the landscaping, if possible. The home design can take in to consideration, all the lot features.


You as the customer will be appraised of the entire process, from the very start. At the completion of the project, and with the “Occupancy Permit” I will extend the normal warranties offered by most conscientious builders. In addition, I can also offer a 2-10 builders warranty… does add value and peace of mind.


"John is easy to work with and brings an attitude of professionalism

to each project

he takes on"

- Chuck Regan

"John Green is an outstanding general contractor with great passion for his work and precise attention to detail. His homes are amazing and his prices are reasonable."

-Adam Morrow

"John is an outstanding, trustworthy person. He stands behind his word; he is considerate, thoughtful and kind. I highly recommend him. He is very knowledgeable and has a strong character."

-Kimberly McLaughlin






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